Dinosaur Educational Toys are Great For Kids

Dinosaur Educational Toys

Dinosaur Toys – Because Dinosaurs are Mysterious

Everyone would like to know why dinosaurs disappeared from the face of the earth. This is a great mystery, and children are attracted to the idea of huge, odd shaped monsters that one were here but now are not.

This educational dinosaur kit is a full-scale learning project from The Magic Schoolbus, called Back in Time with the Dinosaurs. It comes with all supplies needed except common household items. With this kit children ages 5 to 12 can build a wooden dinosaur, cast and mold fossils, design a diorama, create a timeline, and mold clay dinosaur teeth. Looks like fun!

Who wants to dig for dinosaur bones? Is your child a budding paleontologist? If you want your child to consider a scientific career, give him or her the confidence to find and reconstruct dinosaurs, starting with digging in the dirt. Recommended for children ages 8 to 15.

Dinosaur Toys – Because Dinosaurs are Ferocious

Little boys are especially prone to focusing on dinosaurs. There’s magic in learning about monsters! Dinosaurs fascinate children because of their size and strength, and the threat they represent, even though they no longer live on our earth.

If your intended gift recipient is over the age of three but under age 8, these well-crafted dinosaur figurines are ideal for learning the names of some of the most common types of dinosaurs.

The Parasaurolophus was a large herbivore that walked on both two legs and four. It is distinguished by a large cranial crest that protruded from the back of its skull.

Parasaurolophus stuffed toy 16″
ages 3 and up

Parasaurolophus figurine toy 7.75″
ages 3 and up

The Pachycephalosaurus was known for its bony crown covering its head. It was probably about 15 feet long. Not much is known about this type of dinosaur because only its skull was found.

The Velociraptor was about 7 feet in length, and not an animal to spend time with. The name Velociraptor means “swift seizer” and is often shortened to “Raptor.”

Velociraptor, commonly called Raptor
A collectable 6″ figurine, from the Schleich company.
ages 3 and up

The Ankylosaurus was an armored dinosaur. The name means “fused lizard with a big belly.” They were up to about 20 feet long.

Ankylosaurus toy
ages 3 and up

The Tyrannosaurus Rex is well-known as a terror above all terrors, carnivorous and huge! They were bipedal and up to about 40 feet long. I think most of us are glad these dinosaurs are extinct! This ferocious creature was one of the last dinosaurs to exist prior to extinction. Maybe he destroyed all the rest! Tyrannosaurus Rex fossils have been found along with triceratops in Montana. Western North American was his main stomping grounds. Tyrannosaurus means “tyrant lizard” and Rex means “king”. This guy was king of the tyrant lizards! His forearms were small but powerful with two clawed digits… but the real power was in his rear legs. He could walk upright and cover a lot of ground!

Tyrannosaurus Rex, the “tyrant king.”
A Schleich collectable toy dinosaur figurine.
ages 3 and up

The Stegosaurus walked on four feet and had impressive body armor – a good thing because brain mass was small. A 15′ adult Stegosaurus skeleton was found in Wyoming! It probably weighed about 2.4 tons when alive. This armored dinosaur was ready for battle! Remains of the stegosaurus have been found in North America and Europe. The name stegosaurus means “roof lizard” or “covered lizard” because of its armor including tail spikes and plates. Short forelimbs left this creature’s head only about a meter from the ground. A row of plates stood out along his spine, but scientists don’t know what they were for. A spiked tail was used for protection.

We all know the Triceratops. Three horns up top – right? The Triceratops was vegetarian, and about 9 feet in length. Triceratops means “three horned face”. He also had a large bony frill behind his head and a massive four-legged body. During the ten years from 2000 to 2010 fourty-seven triceratops skulls were found at the Hell Creek Formation in Montana!

Last one! The Plesiosaurus! The Plesiosaurus means “near to lizard” and some think the Loch Ness Monster could be something like this. It has a small head, a long neck, and it swims.

Why Kids Like Dinosaur Educational Toys

Dinosaurs are big and scary, but extinct. They’re a safe way for children to experiment with the concepts of threats and fears.

Most children understand when we say, “They don’t exist anymore – they’re gone from the planet.” Children can see and understand that they were fearsome monsters, but they’re not going to come after people. They can’t hurt us. Some power of former times already did battle with them and rendered them nonexistent.

Dinosaur Educational Toys – Prehistoric Fantasy Play for Kids

Despite the size and frightening appearance of dinosaurs, children can exert power over their dinosaur toys. They can examine and and conquer their fears because no matter how horrible or ferocious a creature is, it can be wiped out.

Toy dinosaurs teach children they don’t need to be afraid. Instead, they can marvel at the terror and horror of these creatures and study them from a more enlightened and scientific point of view.

Want a Pet Dinosaur?

Sometimes children say they’d like to have dinosaurs for pets. Do they realize how large most of these creatures were?

The nearest descendant to dinosaurs are birds. Perhaps they’d like one of those instead!

It is possible that in past civilizations humans really did have dinosaurs for pets… but those days are gone. Though we can’t have living dinosaurs, these dinosaur educational toys bring children opportunities for dinosaur fun and play.

Dinosaur Play Toys – why Schleich?

If you’re looking for dinosaur figurine play toys, I recommend Schleich dinosaur toys. They have a great reputation.

The Schleich-S toy company, founded in 1935 by Friedrich Schleich, is famous for figurine action figures that were initially produced in the 1950s. The first figurines were comic heroes like Smurfs, Muppets, and Snoopy the beagle and his friends.

Early in the 1980s the company started producing animal figurines. All these action figures are designed in-house with advice from parents, teachers, and children.

Where is “in house”? Schwäbisch Gmünd, Germany! There are also production facilites in France, England, and Canada.

Toy safety is a huge concern to Schleich-S and all regulations are carefully heeded and followed, plus they put stricter regulations on themselves to assure their toys will be safe and reliable. Quality control expectations are extended to suppliers of materials they use.

Schleich-S has the goal of introducing children to quality realistic animal toys so that our youngest citizens can experience the world of nature. Development of educational nature toys is of more importance to the company than potential sales.

Schleich-S says: “It is our aim to constantly live up to the image of a developer and supplier of top quality products with an educational aspect.”

Are humans related to dinosaurs?

We have a reptilian brain – connected to our spinal cords. This is common in all mammals and reptiles. The reptilian brain controls survival instincts. This common feature is evidence of genetic relationship.

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