5 Free Dinosaur Video Games - Kid Safe - Run in Browser

Check out these free dinosaur video games that you can play in your web browser alone or with some of your dinosaur friends and best of all they are free to play but they are supported by ads. 

Simply click on the link below and then choose your dinosaur game.

 1. Dragon Simulator from Little Games - Fly a dragon around and shoot fireballs at your friends. 

2. Dino Bone Digging - from Little Games - Play archeologist and find prehistoric dinosaur bones from millions of years ago.

Play Dino Digger Free

3. Jurrasic Dino Transport Truck - In this game you drive around in a transport truck transporting dinosaurs.

Jurassic Dino Transport Game

4. Little Dino Adventure Game - In this game you walk through the virtual world collecting small eggs to score points.

Little Dino Adventure Game

5. Dino Puzzle - In this game you assemble puzzles of different dinosaurs.

Free Dino Puzzle Game

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